Meet the faces behind Creative Rural

Contact with nature and interact with local people. Take care of your health and travel. We understand the journeys as an opportunity to grow and learn. You will return with more than just a fun memory.

Passionate about travelling

For us, travelling is life. It is not uncommon for us to have to travel to dozens of countries when you work for Creative Rural. We organize trips, routes and Weekend tours in a rural environment for nature lovers who want authentic experiences.

The founder

Mr Torres is the founder of Creative Rural.

Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Barcelona. It grew closely linked to nature and the rural world. Despite being born in Barcelona, his family had a house in a small town of 400 inhabitants in the Catalan region of Moianès, where his childhood and love for nature developed. In fact, and for 30 years, practically every weekend and vacation he lived there.

Those days no cell phones or computers where there, we played freely, houses always had their doors open. Field, forest and garden were just extensions of our room—those days when fun meant getting dirty with sand or mud, telling legends or making up stories.

Our history

After several years in the information and communication world, he manages a mountain hut (Refugio de Cap de Rec) in the Spanish Pyrenees. The same shelter, a short time ago, was Kylian Jornet home (a famous world champion in mountain running). It was an idyllic setting away from the big cities where we provided food and lodging for hikers.

“It was a revealing experience discovering how difficult it could be for most people, to be able to spend time planning their weekend or holidays.”

Later, he had the opportunity to actively collaborate for years with a travel agency, discovering for himself, the fascinating complexity of the sector, as well as the best ways to meet the needs of travellers.

Furthermore, due to my origins and work experience, I have almost always surrounded myself with healthy people with a high degree of ecological awareness and values such as sustainability, respect for the local, animals, the environment and traditions. In this way is how we conceived Creative Rural.

"Creative is to create, during and after the trip."

Tu agencia de viajes online especializada en turismo rural

Jaume Torres


We have designed all the stops, visits and activities of our proposals based on stories so that you discover the essence of the territory and become part of its history.

For us, there are two ways to travel: just having fun or having fun and something else. We like to have something more than fun.

ne of our goals is, wherever you go, to reach a positive impact on your visits. So, we establish collaborations with local or regional entities to help them bringing some incomes and visibility.

We do not promote long journeys to avoid generating CO2 footprint.

10 reasons for choosing us

# 1 You will make a memory that will last forever. You will live the story.

# 2 You will know exactly all the details about the programme before the departure time

# 3 You will receive personalized instructions and recommendations that will allow you to enjoy your trip.

# 4 You will do an original and different activity, observing beautiful landscapes so you will not be bored with your actions.

# 5 If the route or the trip is in a group, you will be accompanied by a local guide, with whom you will learn everything about the place.

# 6 We respect the values ​​of the territory. Here, you will find low impact tourism proposals, sustainable and respectful with the environment.

# 7 We are supportive. We support environmental and social development projects that need your help. You can follow its evolution on our social networks and blog.

# 8 You will do 4D tourism: Fun, Didactic, Dynamic and Different

# 9 You will make friends: if you travel alone or in a closed group, you will meet other people with concerns and values ​​very similar to yours.

# 10 You will be part of a travellers Community.

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