Andalusia in 2022 was positioned as the number one tourist destination in Spain in terms of the number of visitors. It has many incredible places to get lost in, activities to do and some of the most emblematic historical and cultural sites in Spain, with no less than 1,100 kilometres of coastline. It has no less than 1,100 kilometres of coastline, more than 300 days of sunshine a year and two national parks of the highest order: Doñana and Sierra Nevada, as well as the proposed national park for the Sierra de las Nieves).In Andalusia, you can also enjoy a historical and artistic heritage unique in the world, villages with festivals to enjoy all twelve months. In any village it is easy to find a space dedicated to flamenco, or to watch how a brotherhood prepares with devotion the steps of the procession of the village or neighbourhood, especially those of Holy Week. Who has not heard of the April fair in Seville and Malaga, or the Rocío in Huelva, and last but not least, we must not forget its gastronomy, with high quality products such as Jabugo ham, or legendary dishes such as gazpacho (Andalusian cold soup).


Although we could define tourist experiences as the sensation or set of feelings a person has during a trip or visit to a place, in this section, you will find tourist experiences in activity or event mode. That is, they do not exceed 24 hours in duration and, therefore, do not require an overnight stay.

Some of the experiences will include transportation to the place of performance or during some part of its execution, and others will not.

Although most of them will be carried out immediately, some may also have a break, for example, for lunch.

Some examples of experiences include:

  • Cultural tourism: visit with or without a guided museum, historical monuments, ruins and other sites of cultural interest.
  • Adventure tourism: outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, skiing or diving, among others.
  • Nature tourism: explore national parks, nature reserves, and other places of natural beauty.
  • Beach tourism: relaxing on a beach, enjoying water sports and sunbathing.
  • Gastronomic tourism: taste the local food and discover the culinary culture of a place.
  • Wellness tourism: rest, relax and improve your health in a spa or wellness centre.

There are many other possible categories and combinations of various types of tourism, such as cultural and gastronomic tourism and adventure and nature tourism, among others.

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