1.- Creative Rural is the first OTA (Online Travel Agency) that connects the experiences of each trip to ensure that the itinerary makes sense and you discover the essence of the territory. In this sense:

2.- We generate Experiences that help you to enjoy and interpret the region.

3.- We choose charming places for the client to enjoy health, nature, life experiences and the authenticity of local people. With your decision, you are contributing to the environment improvement because we support many environmental or social economy projects.

4.- We understand a journey as an opportunity to learn and grow on a personal level.

5.- We propose a 4D Tourism (Dynamic, Didactic, Different and Fun)

6.- We are concerned about the sustainability of the planet and the effects derived from mass tourism. So, we are on sustainable and responsible tourism.

7.- We offer our travellers to be part of a “Travelers Community”, which allows them to attend to exclusive activities.

8.- We follow our values ​​to select the appropriate experiences and collaborators.

On our website, you will find Tours (either in Travel, Route or Weekend trips), as well as activities and events (those are in the Agenda section). All this is available from an evident menu system or through our powerful search engine.

You will also find temporary promotions. We invite you to visit our Web from time to time.

Our speciality is short and medium distance destinations; programmes classified according to its theme: hiking, cycling, nature, gastronomy, culture, etc. Also, in the “Get Inspired” section, we can make it very easy for you to select trips or activities based on your interests.

Once you access the different proposals, you will see that we suggest similar trips or activities. Maybe they are located in the same area so that you can better decide what you want to do.

We highly recommend you to register as a user and member of the Creative Rural Community. Then, you will periodically receive an e-mail with the latest news and offers. Save the proposals that you liked the most. Sign up for our events, access to a personalized schedule based on your interests, and accumulate points with which to obtain discount coupons for your next trips or activities.

Oh, and be sure to visit our blog, with news and articles designed for travellers and lovers of nature and the rural environment.

To book one of our offers, you must register as a user with your e-mail. Choose your trip and make the payment or pre-reservation. For some Tours or Activities, you will see that there is the possibility of adding other services or experiences and thus adding more fun or guarantee to your experience. We invite you to carefully read both the content of the program and the additional proposals that we make to you. You decide which options are the most interesting to you. Only in those events where the services can be confirmed automatically, you will you see the payment options activated by card or Paypal. Otherwise, the only option available will be to pay by bank transfer. To make this transfer, previously we will receive your request, and we will answer you, within a period that is usually 24/48 hours from payment or pre-blocking.


As you can see, booking your Tour or activity with Creative Rural is very simple.

1.- You have to select the Tour or Activity. Then, we will ask you for a few parameters, such as the departure date, the number of adults and children, the departure city or the type of room.

2.- The page will show you the total price of the trip.

3.- Click on Booking button and start Step 1 of the reservation

4.- Enter the passenger information and click Continue.

5.- Continue with Step 2. Add if you want any extra and if you have a discount code or redeem your Loyalty points. Continue.

6.- Step 3: Select your payment method. You can pay by transfer or by credit card (sometimes you can only pay with a bank transfer)

7.- Step 4: Confirmation. You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your reservation or pre-reservation and the number of your order.

If you have a discount code, remember to send an e-mail to promotions@creativerural.com, to activate it.

Payment options

Our activity offers must be paid at the time of purchase, while for Tours, payment can be made in two steps (different days):


Payment of 40% of the Tour at the time of booking and the remaining 60% must be paid, when the combined travel contract is formalized or according to the payment schedule that the agency informs the client before making the reservation). In general, this means at least fifteen days before the departure date (seven days for short breaks). In case the client does not make the rest of the payments on the agency indicated dates, the place will be considered as cancelled, applying, in such case, the conditions outlined in the cancellations section.

Your payment can be made with the following methods:


– Online payment through our booking engine (the following credit cards are valid: Visa, Master Card / Euro Card), or

– Bank transfer (in the account of Banco Sabadell number ES51 0081 0129 4400 0172 1775 in the name of Creative Rural, S.L). If only the transfer payment appears as an asset (and not the card or PayPal payment), it means that the trip or activity is not immediately confirmed, so you better wait for us to confirm availability. It is essential that as a reference of income you indicate the number of your order and your name. For any questions that may arise, you can send us an e-mail to reservas@creativerural.com.

Card payment is secure. Card payments are made through the Stripe payment gateway.

For a successful purchase, make sure that your credit card information is correct: card number, security code, expiration date and cardholder name (exactly as it appears on the card).

If your problems continue, contact your bank and check the amount of your credit limit, or if the electronic shopping service is deactivated.

Once the purchase is completed, you will receive the Voucher corresponding to the reservation of your services.

For Tours, and once we verify the first deposit, we send to your e-mail preliminary documentation (the pre-contract) of the trip. The vouchers, electronic tickets and the PDF with the details of the circuit, itinerary, recommendations for the journey, currency, etc., will be delivered to you along with the contract and once you have made the full payment for the trip.

You will receive that contract with the rest of the information via e-mail a few days before the departure date (between 5 and 15 days before the trip).

You need to print for once these documents and give them to the final supplier.

By entering your e-mail and password, you can access your private area. In this personal and secure space, you will find the following sections:


– Personal data: access and modification of your data.

– Reservations: details of purchases made.

– List of your favourite trips

– Events Agenda and proposals thought for you

– Guest travellers: people you have invited to register on the Creative Rural website.

– Discount checks: discount checks that you have accumulated in your account.


Guest travellers

When your invited travellers make the first purchase of a Tour, we will send you an e-mail to inform you of the activation of a € 10 discount check in your account. Your discount checks are cumulative and are valid for one year. You can use them whenever you want when purchasing on our website.

If you wish to request a modification to your booking, you must send us the request through the help form on our website (indicating your reservation number), or to the e-mail address indicated in your documentation. We will inform you if the modification or cancellation is possible after consulting with the provider, as well as the steps to follow to confirm the change.

We cannot guarantee that all reservations can be changed. However, we will do our best to facilitate our requests to our clients. In any case, the reservation modifications made by the client may incur an additional cost.

Modifying a reservation that includes a plane ticket usually involves expenses of 100% of the ticket price. In any case, we invite you to consult it because there are exceptions.

If you wish to request a cancellation in your reservation, you must send us the request through the help form on our website (indicating your reservation number), or to the e-mail address indicated in your documentation (reservas@creativerural.com). Although you can indeed request cancellation at any time, you should know that this will entail a series of cancellation costs, which we will inform you of at the time, and which may be 100% as in the case of air tickets or non-refundable rates for hotels or activities. On these expenses, depending on the date of the cancellation request, additional cancellation fees may be applied by the agency.

In any case, reservation cancellations made by the client may incur an additional cost.

The cancellation of a reservation that includes a plane ticket usually involves costs of 100% of the ticket price. In any case, we invite you to consult it because there are exceptions.

The traveller has 14 calendar days to exercise their right of withdrawal without justification, as long as non-refundable expenses (such as the purchase of flights or non-refundable services) have been incurred, and that the departure date is at minus 20 days before the withdrawal date.

In any case, in all our Tours, we offer you the possibility of taking out cancellation insurance. You can check the details of this Insurance coverage in the PDF that you will find on the Tour information page. The cost and contracting of this cancellation insurance are shown in the second step of the reservation.

In general, all trips and routes have basic medical assistance insurance included in the price, not for Weekend trips or activities.

In any case, in all our Tours, we offer you the possibility of buying a comprehensive Assistance and Cancellation Insurance, which covers up to 34 causes of cancellation.


Not all of them, only those where you see the indication of “Group trip”. There is a second category of trips where the figure of an accompanying guide does not exist, but local guides at the destination assist the group during the activities included in the program and, finally, there are self-guided trips, where the agency provides the traveller with all the information necessary for you to follow the trip itinerary.

This point, like with many others, will be detailed in the trip documentation and also appears in the basic information of the program.

The roles and responsibilities of an accompanying guide and those of a local guide are significantly different.

The main functions of the accompanying guide are to accompany the group on their trips and activities, monitor the proper compliance with schedules, confirm daily services, attend to their needs as a group, provide solutions and alternatives to unforeseen events and assist them in the first moment in case of an incident and liaise with the suppliers and the agency. The accompanying guide knows the destination but is not a specialist in it since it is not his role within the Tour.

As for the local guide, he is a specialist in the destination, for which he has received training (sometimes several years). His primary function is to help travellers learn new details of the visited destination, mainly using the interpretative guide, through which it is intended to generate an emotional link between the traveller and the territory or phenomenon/heritage visited.

It is therefore essential to know how to distinguish the two figures, to see that we can request and expect from each of them.

At Creative Rural we know that the leisure time you spend on your trips is something significant to you, so, apart from offering you fun, we think it is vital also to allow you to learn new things during your stay, to get in touch with the natural spaces of the destination, and to interact when possible with the local population.

We like stories, and we think that every trip should explain one, placing you in the centre of it.

In our society, it is difficult to find times and spaces where people like us can coincide and share their hobbies. Social networks have brought us closer to former friends and colleagues, as well as people from other parts of the world, but that approach is, for the most part, digital.

So, we are happy to dedicate our time and effort to offer you the opportunity to meet other people with the same interest as you: spend a good time, share hobbies, etc.


At Creative Rural, first as an active tourism brand in a rural environment, and later as a travel agency, we serve hundreds of travellers like you every year, doing it in a professional and personalized way, valuing the trust they have placed in us and respecting their values. As travellers. Likewise, other Spanish agencies and even from different continents, trust us every year, to offer excellent Tours to theirs both in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

Since 2018 we are one of the projects of the “Start-DMC Tourism” program of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which promotes innovative, experiential, emotional tourism initiatives that value the tourist resources of the territory.

Creative Rural has contracted a surety policy (as required by law) and voluntary Civil liability policy. Likewise, it rigorously complies with all the commitments and guarantees required by the travel regulations decreed by the autonomous government, as well as by the European Union Directive on package travel and related travel services, which regulates the defence of consumers and users of this type of services. In this sense, Creative Rural had contracted an insurance or guarantee that covers the possible insolvency of the agency before the traveller who contracted his trip with us.

At any time, before, during or after your trip, you can contact us in several ways.

Customer Service Telephone: +34 608 917 099 during business hours (Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.).

Or by E-mail to info@creativerural.com

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