This is the Decalogue of the responsible traveller we propose from Creative Rural. For sustainable tourism, for quality tourism!

Our Responsible Traveller Decalogue

1.- Prepare yourself for the trip.

Seek information about the place you will visit to familiarise yourself with its culture and ways of doing things.

2.- Respect people and their rights.

Any form of discrimination and exploitation violates and impoverishes the trip’s objectives.

3.- Help preserve the natural environment

and avoid leaving a footprint other than your shoe. If you visit sensitive areas, find out beforehand how to do so.

4.- Value the destination’s

artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage.

5.- Choose sustainable suppliers

that care about the environment and human rights when planning your trip.

6.- Use natural resources sparingly.

Try to minimise waste generation.

7.- Recycle the waste you generate.

If you can’t find containers nearby, take them home with you.

8.- Enjoy local customs, gastronomy and traditions.

If you buy gifts, make sure they express the local culture.

9.- Whenever possible, use local public or collective transport.

If possible, use non-motorised transportation and walk as much as possible.

10.- Open your mind to new experiences.

Be tolerant of diversity. Contribute to the development of responsible and sustainable tourism.