On this page we detail the General Terms and Conditions under which we work.

The programme/offer is the description of the package contained in the programme/offer that constitutes the object of the package travel contract. For these General Conditions, the programme/offer is the information document into which these General Conditions are incorporated. The effects of these clauses also extend to the complementary appendices of said programme/offer (offer sheets, leaflets, flyers, monographs, etc., referring to the programme/offer itself).

The information contained in the programme/offer is binding for the organiser or retailer unless any of the following circumstances apply: a) Changes to this information have been clearly communicated in writing to the consumer and user before the conclusion of the contract, and this possibility has been expressly mentioned in the programme/offer. b) Changes are subsequently made, subject to a prior written agreement between the contracting parties.

The following terms and conditions regulate the use of the website www.creativerural.com (from now on “Website”) and the programme/offer of the agency CREATIVE RURAL SLU, from now on CREATIVE RURAL with Tax Identification Code B-66954421 and with address at Carrer Viladomiu Nou, 36, 08680 Gironella (Barcelona). Registered in the REGISTRO MERCANTIL de Barcelona, in volume 45798, Folio 49, page 499394, inscription 1. Contact mailbox: info@creativerural.com

You must read and understand these general conditions and the specific information and conditions of the product you wish to contract or purchase before proceeding with your purchase, both through the website and through the use of the email/contact form..

1.- Legal regulations applicable to the package travel contract and acceptance of the general terms and conditions

The contract is governed by the stipulations contained herein. It is complemented by the regulations of the various autonomous communities, currently in force, on travel agencies, the application of which will depend on the corresponding territorial scope and other applicable laws. By purchasing or taking part in any of the trips/services published on this website, the consumer expressly accepts every one of the general conditions, which are considered to be automatically incorporated into the contract, without the need for their individual written transcription in the agreement. The contracting parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona to resolve all their differences.

These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Royal Decree-Law 23/2018, of 21 December, on the transposition of directives on trademarks, rail transport and package travel and linked travel services. These General Conditions shall be incorporated into all package travel contracts whose object is the programmes/offers contained in the website/brochure and bind the parties, with the particular conditions agreed in the contract. conditions that are agreed in the contract or that are included in the travel documentation provided at the same time as the contract is signed.

2.- Organisation

The technical organisation of this programme has been carried out by CREATIVE RURAL SLU, TITLE GC-4972 – Carrer Viladomiu Nou, 36, 08680 Gironella (Barcelona). C.I.F. B-66954421.

3.- Price

The package price has been calculated based on the exchange rates, transport fares, fuel costs, taxes, and charges applicable on the date of publication of the programme/offer or any subsequent ones that may have been made public. Any variation in the price of the elements above may lead to a revision of the trip’s final cost, either upwards or downwards, in the strict amounts of the price above variations. The consumer shall be notified of these changes in writing or by any other means that provides a record of the communication made and may, when the change made is significant, withdraw from the trip without penalty or accept the modification of the contract. Under no circumstances shall the agreement be revised upwards in the 20 days prior to the trip’s departure date with respect to requests already made.

Our prices include:

1. Return transport, when this service is included in the programme/offer. 2. Accommodation, where this service is included in the programme/offer contracted, in the establishment and with the meals included in the booking confirmation or in the documentation given to the consumer at the time of signing the contract. 3. Hotel establishment taxes or fees, when this service is included in the programme/offer. 4. Technical assistance during the trip, when this service is specifically included. 5. All other services and complements that are specifically specified in the corresponding itineraries. 6. Indirect taxes (VAT). 7. Anything else specified in addition in the booking confirmation. The only authentic interpretation of the services included in the trip will be the one offered by the Organising Agency, which means that if the consumer has any doubts, he/she should consult the Organising Agency before the start of the trip and through the Retail Agency, in order to avoid later claims. As a general rule, a strict criterion of literalness must be followed, which leads to the conclusion that what is not specifically detailed as included in the price of the trip will not be included in it.

Special offers

When the package is contracted as a result of special offers, last minute or equivalent, at a price different from that expressed in the programme/offer, the services included in the price are only those specified in detail in the request, even if the offer refers to any of the programmes described in this website/offer, provided that such reference is made for the sole purpose of general information on the destination.

Full final price

The total final price of each package tour offered on this website/offer is shown on each of the travel packages presented on the website/offer. To provide the traveller with as much information as is available when this website/offer is published, it is noted:

1. To the final price of the trip, if transport from origin to destination (and return) is included, airport, port, entry and exit taxes, and visa, if necessary, must be added. As it is not possible to quantify it now, as we are not provided with the exact amount, it is highlighted the fact that the final price of the trip may experience upward changes for the concepts indicated as it is not possible to provide the cost of the optional excursions; we inform you that this is another concept that although it does not affect the price of the trip, as it is not part of your offer, nor of the contract, it could represent a more significant expense if it is acquired.

2. Airline companies. These generally charge what they call “fuel taxes” (YQ) in the ticket price, which, although like a tax, does have an impact on the cost of the trip and represents approximately 40-50% of the price of the air ticket. The airlines keep this YQ out of the fare.

The package price does not include:

The total final price of each package tour offered on this website/offer is shown on each of the travel packages presented on the website/offer. To provide the traveller with as much information as is available when this website/offer is published, it is noted:

a) Visas, airport taxes and/or entry and exit taxes, vaccination certificates, “extras” such as coffees, wines, liquors, mineral waters, special diets (not even in the case of full board or half board, unless expressly agreed in the contract to contract the same), washing and ironing of clothes, optional hotel services, and in general, any other service that is not expressly included in the section “The price of the trip includes” or is not specifically detailed in the programme/offer, in the booking confirmation or in the documentation given to the consumer when signing the contract. the consumer at the time of booking. In the case of bed and breakfast, unless otherwise specified, the breakfast included in the price of the trip is continental.

b) Optional excursions, activities, services or visits. In the case of optional tours or visits whose price is always indicated as “estimated”, variations may occur (depending on the circumstances) on these initially calculated or foreseen costs. In the case of optional excursions, activities, services or visits contracted at the destination or from another service provider, it must be borne in mind that they do not form part of the package travel contract. Their publication on the website/offer is for information purposes only, and the price is expressed as “estimated”.

Therefore, when contracting them at the destination or from another service provider, variations in their costs may alter the estimated price. On the other hand, these optional excursions or services will be offered to the consumer with their specific conditions and definitive price independently, not guaranteeing until the moment of contracting them that they can be carried out.

c) Tips. Tips are not included in the package price.

d) Travel insurance. Creative Rural recommends contracting travel insurance for the clients’ peace of mind in case of possible inconveniences.

e) Tourist taxes applicable in specific countries/destinations and to be paid by the consumer locally.

4.- Payment, registration and refunds

At the time of registration, 100% of the total amount of the trip must be deposited if bookings are made less than 30 days before the departure date (15 days in the case of short breaks or activities). In the case of bookings made further in advance, 40% must be deposited, and no place will be considered a firm commitment until this deposit has been made. The remaining 60% must be paid when the package travel contract is formalised or according to the payment schedule that the agency informs the client of before making the reservation).

In general, this means at least fifteen days before the departure date (seven days for short breaks). In the event that the client does not make the rest of the payments on the dates indicated by the agency, the place will be considered cancelled, in which case the conditions outlined in the cancellations section will apply. The indicated prices on this website/offer are prices including indirect taxes on consumption when applicable, which, having been calculated on the basis of the rates and currency exchange rates in force on the date of publication of this website/programme and/or its brochures and offers included in the same, may be revised in the event of variations in the cost of transport, including the cost of fuel; in the taxes and charges relating to certain services; and in the exchange rates applied to the trip. These variations shall be automatically charged to the consumer, except in the case of variations occurring within 20 days prior to the user’s departure, which obliges the retailer to inform the consumer of the variation, who may withdraw from the trip, with the right to reimbursement of his payments. to reimbursement of their payments. All refunds for any reason whatsoever shall always be made through the retail agency where the registration was made, and no refunds shall be made for services not used voluntarily by the consumer.

5.- Cancellations and assignments

At any time, the user or consumer may withdraw from the services requested or contracted, having the right to a refund of the amounts paid, whether it is the total price or the deposit previously provided, but must compensate the agency for the concepts indicated below:

1. In the case of individual services: the total management fees, plus cancellation fees, if any, if the latter have been incurred.

2. In the case of package tours: a- The management costs, plus cancellation costs, if any. b- A penalty consisting of 5% of the total cost of the trip if the cancellation is made more than 10 days and less than 15 days before the start of the trip; 15% between days 3 and 10, and 25% within the forty-eight hours prior to departure. Failure to appear at the scheduled time of departure shall not entitle the customer to a refund of the amount paid unless otherwise agreed between the parties. c) In the event that any of the services contracted and cancelled were subject to special economic contracting conditions, such as air or ship chartering, flat contracting, special airfares (in which 100% of the tickets already issued must be paid for) or accommodation, services provided in certain countries, snow services, etc. Cancellation fees shall be established in accordance with their special conditions, as reflected on the website/offer that includes the programme that has given rise to the package travel contract, as well as in the booking confirmation.

3. The excursions that are originally contracted as an integral part of the package, as well as those purchased by the consumer at the destination, shall be governed with regard to cancellation fees by their specific conditions, which shall be made clear verbally to the user, all of them sharing the penalty of 100% of the amount if the consumer does not show up for them. The specific conditions set for cancellation fees shall be fully applicable regardless of whether the cancellation is due to the force majeure of the consumer. The consumer of the package holiday may transfer his booking to a third party provided that he notifies this 15 days before the start date of the holiday. The transferee must meet the same requirements as the transferor, which are generally required for the package holiday, and both will be jointly and severally liable to the Retail Agency for the payment of the price of the holiday and the justified additional costs of the transfer. The organiser or the final seller may oppose the aforementioned assignment. Such an assignment shall not be possible when there is sufficient cause.

Given the variety of causes and circumstances of possible cancellation of the trip, it is not possible to calculate them in advance, but it is understood that, in such cases, cancellation costs may be charged, provided that they have actually occurred. In the cases in which the Organiser conditions, and so expressly specifies, the viability of the package tour offer to have a minimum number of participants and, because this number is not reached, the tour is cancelled, the user will be entitled exclusively to the reimbursement of the total price or the amounts advanced, without being able to claim any amount in compensation, as long as the Agency has notified the user in writing at least ten days prior to the planned date of commencement of the tour.

6.- Alterations

The agency undertakes to provide its users with all the services contracted through the programmes/offers contained in the website/offer, with the stipulated conditions and characteristics. It will be exempted from this obligation when there are causes of force majeure, i.e. circumstances beyond the control of the party invoking them, abnormal and unforeseeable, whose consequences could not have been avoided despite all due diligence, or sufficient causes that include those cases in which the agency, despite acting with due foresight and perseverance, cannot provide the contracted services for reasons that are not attributable to it.

Suppose the organising agency can’t provide any service after the contract has been perfected and before the trip’s departure. In that case, the consumer may choose to cancel the contract without penalty or to accept a supplement to the agreement in which the modifications are introduced. Their repercussion on the price is specified, and they must notify the agency of their decision within three days, this being exempt from liability and not being able to request compensation for breach of contract when the user has accepted the modification above to the agreement. Likewise, when the faults and observations in the execution of the contract are attributable to the consumer or when the marks mentioned above are attributable to a third party not involved in the provision of the services foreseen in the contract and are of an unforeseeable and not surmountable nature; all of these being understood according to the legislation in force.

If for any reason not attributable to the consumer nor justified by sufficient causes or force majeure, the organising agency cancels the package tour after the contract has been formalised. Before the departure date, the user will be entitled to another package tour of equivalent or superior quality or the reimbursement of the total amount paid in the terms established in the previous paragraph and must communicate their decision to the agency within three days.

Compensation for breach of contract cannot be claimed when the cancellation of the contract is due to sufficient cause or force majeure. Suppose the planned services are not provided for more than 50% of the trip’s price, which is not due to good reasons or force majeure. In that case, the organising agency will adopt other appropriate solutions for the continuation of the package without any price supplement for the consumer and, if applicable, will pay the consumer the amount of the difference between the services planned and those provided.

If such solutions are unfeasible or if the consumer does not accept them for objectively valid reasons, the agency will provide, in any case, the return to the point of origin through an equivalent means of transport, returning the amounts that proportionally correspond to him. In these situations, the consumer may claim compensation for breach of contract from the organising agency. The balance shall not be due when there have been sufficient causes or force majeure. Any impossibility of providing the services or alteration of the elements of the same (including the price) that the organising agency makes clear to the user through the retailer before the contract is perfected cannot justify a request for compensation to the agency by the consumer for breach of contract, since this has not yet been perfected, framing such modification of the programme/offer within the natural process of negotiating the contract.

The transfer service from the airport, port or station to the hotel or other place foreseen in the trip is contracted, as a general rule, up to one hour after the user’s official arrival time. Therefore, the transfer service may not be provided if the user’s arrival occurs after this time, even if it is due to force majeure.

7. Obligation of the consumer to give notice of any failure to perform the contract

The consumer is obliged to report any breach in the performance of the contract, preferably “on the spot” to the Organiser’s representative at the destination as stated in the travel documents or, otherwise, as soon as possible in writing or in any other recordable form, to the Organiser or retailer and, where appropriate, to the provider of the service in question.

Suppose the solutions arbitrated by the Agency are not satisfactory for the consumer. In that case, the latter shall have a period of one month to complain to the retailer or the organiser, always through the Agency.

8. Prescription of actions

The limitation period for actions derived from the rights recognised in the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws will be two years, as established in Article 164 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007.

9.- Responsibility

The organising travel agency and the final seller of the package will respond in proportion to the obligations that correspond to them by their scope of management of the package, the proper execution of the obligations arising from the contract with the consumer, regardless of the duties mentioned above must be executed by them or other service providers or suppliers, without prejudice to the right of the organising agency to take action against them, and always within limits established in these general conditions and applicable law.

When the consumer notices on the spot the non-execution or poor execution of the contracted services included in the trip, he must immediately notify the service provider of the same and, within 48 working hours, the organising agency so that the latter can take the appropriate measures. Failure to inform the organising agency will mean that it is the consumer who must prove the non-performance of the contracting party to the organiser or the competent Directorate General of Tourism since, outside this period, it would be impossible for the organising agency to verify the integrity of the allegations, as well as to reach a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

Suppose the consumer considers that the solutions arbitrated by the organising agency have not been satisfactory. In that case, they may file a complaint within one month from the date of return of the trip with the said organising agency, which shall be submitted through the retail agency that sold the trip and in which the alleged breach shall be evidenced within 48 working hours of its occurrence. However, the lodging of any claim derived from the package travel contract does not exempt from the payment of the trip in any case.

Concerning the limit of compensation for bodily injury, the balance may never exceed the price of the trip initially contracted. In no case shall the agency be liable for the costs of accommodation, meals, transport and other expenses arising from delays in departures or returns of means of transportation due to weather, technical reasons, strikes or other force majeure.

Package tour organisers and retailers shall cease to be liable in any of the following circumstances:

1. The defects observed in the performance of the contract are attributable to the consumer and user. 2. These defects are attributable to a third party not involved in the supply of the services provided for in the contract and are of an unforeseeable or insurmountable nature. 3. That the defects referred to are due to force majeure, understood as those circumstances beyond the control of the party who invokes them, abnormal and unforeseeable, the consequences of which could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence. 4. The defects are due to an event that the retailer or, where appropriate, the organiser, despite having taken all due care, could not have foreseen or overcome.

10.- Delimitation of the services of the Packaged Trip

10.1 Air travel

In the case of air travel, arrival at the airport shall be made at least two hours before the official departure time, and in any case, the specific recommendations indicated in the travel documentation provided when signing the contract shall be strictly followed.

When contracting individual services, it is recommended that the client reconfirms the flight departure times forty-eight hours in advance.

A direct flight shall always be understood as a flight where the documentary support is a single flight coupon, irrespective of whether the flight makes a technical stop.

Suppose there is no connection from the customer’s city of origin to the departure city of the international flight. In that case, the customer shall be responsible for the costs of the overnight stay.

In any case, the user must confirm the flight departure times forty-eight hours in advance. The organising agency shall not be held responsible for the consequences of non-compliance by the user with this obligation. The timetables are expressed in local times and are published for information purposes only, and under no circumstances are they guaranteed to be observed and may be modified without prior notice. The airlines also reserve the right to interrupt or suspend a flight or transport, to defer all or part of its execution or to follow a route other than the one planned. They may make these decisions at the airport of departure, a stopover, or any other place.

10.2 Hotels

The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel will be determined by the official tourism category, if any, assigned by the competent body in your country. In some cases, information on the type of hotels will be provided on the website/offer according to the information obtained from the Tourism bodies of the respective countries and the rating of other Wholesale Agencies, as long as there is no official rating in the particular country.

Given the current legislation in this regard, which only establishes the existence of single and double rooms, allowing a third bed in some of the latter, it will always be considered that the use of the third bed is done with the knowledge and consent of the persons occupying the room. Thus the room will appear as a triple (or as a double plus extra bed) in the booking confirmation and travel documentation that is delivered simultaneously with the signing of the same. Likewise, double rooms for the use of up to four people, with two beds, when specified in the programme/offer.

In some cases, there is the possibility of providing cots, which must be requested by the clients before the contract is signed and which, unless expressly mentioned, are not included in the price.

The usual check-in and check-out times for hotels depend on the first and last service the user will use. As a general rule, and unless expressly agreed otherwise in the contract, rooms may be used from 14:00 on arrival and must be vacated before noon on the day of departure.

When the contracted service does not include the permanent accompaniment of a guide, and if the user expects to arrive at the hotel or flat booked on dates or at times other than those indicated, it is necessary, to avoid problems and misinterpretations, to inform the Organising Agency, or the hotel or the flats directly, as far in advance as possible, depending on the case.

Likewise, you should consult the Agency at the time of booking about the possibility of bringing animals, as they are generally not allowed in hotels and flats. In any case, the client can find out about this at their own risk.

The hotel accommodation service shall be deemed to have been provided as long as the room has been made available to the customer on a corresponding night, regardless of whether the check-in time is later than initially planned due to circumstances specific to the package.

Unless otherwise specified, for flights arriving at the point of destination after 12.00 hours, the first hotel service, when included in the programme/offer, shall be dinner. Similarly, the first hotel service will be accommodation for flights arriving at their destination after 19.00 hours.

When users request supplementary services (e.g. sea view room, etc.) that cannot be definitively confirmed by the Organising Agency, the user may choose to definitively withdraw the requested supplementary service or maintain the request until such services can finally be provided.

Suppose the parties have agreed to pay in advance for additional services that cannot be provided. In that case, the amount paid will be reimbursed by the retailer immediately upon cancellation of the service by the consumer or upon return of the trip, depending on whether the user has opted to cancel the provision of the additional service requested or has maintained the request.

10.3 Bus tours/excursions

10.3 Bus tours/excursions

When the journey is made in coaches owned or hired by the organising agency, in the event of an accident, regardless of the country in which it occurs, the traveller expressly submits to the road accident legislation of the country in which the vehicle is registered, and may avail himself, as far as personal injury is concerned, of the insurance of the car by the corresponding table of indemnities that would be paid to the interested parties, beneficiaries or their legal representatives in the country of registration of the vehicle and precisely in the currency of legal tender of the same.

10.4 Apartments

The consumer is entirely and exclusively responsible for correctly declaring the number of people occupying the flat (without omitting children), whatever their age, when making the reservation. Please note that the flat management can legally refuse to admit the entry of those persons not declared, and no claims can be made for this reason.

In the case of flat rentals, the corresponding rental contract must be signed on the spot according to the officially authorised model. This contract, to which the organising agency is not a party, must be signed by the user, who shall pay the corresponding deposit or civil liability insurance to cover any possible damages if required. In some cases, there is the possibility of providing extra bed(s) or cots, which must be requested by consumers before the contract is concluded, and which, unless expressly mentioned in the agreement, are not included in the published price of the flat.

10.5 Tours.

In the tours specified in this website/offer, the accommodation service will be provided in any of the establishments listed therein or in any other of the same category and area. Likewise, the tour’s itinerary may be developed according to any options described in the programme/offer. In the above cases, if the consumer accepts this information before the conclusion of the contract, this lack of definition shall not imply any modification of the agreement.

10.6 Special economic conditions for children

Given the diversity of the treatment applied to children, depending on their age, the service provider and the travel date, it is always recommended to consult the particular conditions for this type of passenger. Specific and detailed information will be provided and included in the contract or in the travel documents handed over when signing the contract. As a general rule, as far as accommodation is concerned, they will be applicable as long as the child shares the room with two adults.

About the stay of minors abroad, the corresponding information shall be provided for each case and to what may be stated in the contract or in the travel documentation provided when the contract is concluded.

Please note that the airline or any other service provider may require proof of the child’s age at any time.

10.7 Baggage

The luggage of the user is not the object of a land transport contract; it is understood for all purposes that the user keeps it with them, regardless of the part of the vehicle in which it is placed and that it is transported at the risk and expense of the traveller, without the organising agency being obliged to respond for the loss or damage that it may suffer during the journey, for whatever reason, it is recommended to all consumers that they be present during all the loading and unloading of luggage.

About air, rail, sea or river transport of luggage, the conditions established by the transport companies are applicable, and the ticket is the document that binds the companies above and the passenger. If suffering any damage, delay in delivery or loss, the consumer must immediately file the appropriate claim with the transport company.

Keep your ticket and baggage receipts with the claim form to facilitate and speed up compensation procedures if necessary.

The transport of luggage and any possible incidents arising from this are outside the scope of management of the wholesale or retail agency. If you wish to transport oversized baggage, such as bicycles, surfboards, golf clubs, etc., for your holiday, you must consult us and pay for the corresponding supplement. For the ground transfer service of this type of special luggage, you must request a particular quotation from our Reservations Department.

Generally, package tours in economy class have a free baggage allowance of one piece of 20 kg in air transport. The carrier may charge a supplement or refuse baggage that exceeds this weight or piece.

It would be best not to store valuables, medicines, passports, documentation or money inside checked baggage. If you must, we recommend you certify the contents before travelling by declaring value.

The wholesaler is not responsible for the luggage that customers leave in the hotels’ luggage rooms.

11. Linked Travel On-Line.

When it is an entrepreneur other than the carrier who sells the return ticket. If, after having selected and paid for a travel service, the client books additional travel services for their trip or holiday through our company, CREATIVE RURAL, S.L.U., will NOT enjoy the rights that apply to combined trips by the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November. Therefore, CREATIVE RURAL, S.L.U., will not be responsible for the correct execution of the different travel services. If there are problems, please contact the corresponding service provider. However, if the customer books additional travel services during the same visit to the booking website of our company, XY, these services will form part of a linked travel service. In this case, as required by the regulations, the CREATIVE RURAL agency has taken out a protection guarantee to reimburse you for payments made to CREATIVE RURAL for services that have not been carried out due to the insolvency of CREATIVE RURAL. Please note that no reimbursement will be made in the event of the bankruptcy of the service provider concerned. Further information on insolvency protection (to be found on page 2 of your contract). Note: Insolvency protection does not include contracts with parties other than CREATIVE RURAL that can be performed despite the insolvency of CREATIVE RURAL. Texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias, aprobado por Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, de 16 de noviembre.

12. Other services

Through this website, the customer may purchase other types of services that cannot be considered as Package Travel, as none of the circumstances specified in the regulations apply. For this purpose, we provide a description of what are considered to be Travel Services and Package Trips. The sum of services, if they do not fall into the category of Travel Services, shall in no case give rise to the consideration of Package Travel. a) ”Travel Service”:

The carriage of passengers. Accommodation when it is not an integral part of passenger transport and does not have a residential purpose. The hire of passenger cars, other motor vehicles within the meaning of Article 2.21 of Royal Decree 750/2010, of 4 June, which regulates the procedures for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, self-propelled or towed machinery, agricultural vehicles, as well as systems, parts and components of these vehicles, and the hire of motorbikes that require a category A driving licence, in accordance with the provisions of Article 4.2.d) of Royal Decree 818/2009, of 8 June 2009, of 8 June 2009, which regulates the procedures for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, self-propelled or towed machinery, agricultural vehicles and systems, parts and components of these vehicles, as well as the hire of motorbikes that require a category A driving licence, in accordance with the provisions of Article 4.2. Article 4.2.d) of Royal Decree 818/2009, of 8 May, which approves the General Regulations on Drivers. Any other tourist service that does not form an integral part of a travel service as defined in the three previous sections.

(b) ‘Package tour’ means a combination of at least two types of travel services for the same journey or holiday if such services:

(1) they are combined by a single trader, including at the request or according to the choice of the traveller before a single contract is concluded for the totality of the services, or (2) irrespective of the conclusion of separate contracts with different travel service providers, those services:

(i) are contracted at a single point of sale and selected before the traveller agrees to pay,

(ii) are offered, sold or invoiced on a flat-rate or lump-sum basis,

(iii) are advertised or sold as a ‘package holiday’ or under a similar name,

(iv) are combined after the conclusion of a contract whereby the trader allows the traveller to choose from a selection of different types of travel services, or

(v) is contracted with different traders through linked online booking processes in which the traveller’s name, payment details and e-mail address are transmitted by the trader with whom the first contract is concluded to one or more other traders with whom another contract is concluded, at the latest 24 hours after the confirmation of the booking of the first travel service.

A combination of travel services in which at most one of the types of travel services referred to in point (a)(1), (2) or (3) is combined with one or more of the tourist services referred to in fact (a)(4) thereof. A package shall not be considered a package if these tourist services do not represent a proportion equal to or greater than twenty-five per cent of the value of the combination and are not advertised or do not otherwise constitute an essential feature of the mix or if they have only been selected and contracted after the performance of a travel service referred to in paragraph 1, 2 or 3 has begun.

13. Arbitration clause

The Organiser expressly waives the right to submit to the Courts of Transport Arbitration for any question arising from the existence of this contract.

14.- Information to be provided by the retail agency to the consumer

The consumer is informed that at the time of signing the contract, he must receive from the Retail Agency the pertinent information on the specific documentation necessary for the chosen trip, as well as advice on the optional subscription of an insurance that covers cancellation expenses and /or assistance insurance that covers repatriation expenses in case of accident, illness or death; and information on the probable risks implicit in the destination and contracted trip, in compliance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007. For these purposes, however, the consumer is recommended to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its information office provides specific recommendations depending on the destination via the Internet (www.mae.es) or by any other means.

15.- Accuracy of the data

The purchaser undertakes that the data provided to us via our website, contact form or e-mail are true, accurate and complete.

16.- Additional information

– The Organising Agency is not responsible for any changes in the Management of the hotels contained in the programme after its publication, as well as for the repercussions and/or consequent changes that this may entail (name, services, category of establishment, partial closure of the facilities, etc.) which, in any case, will be promptly communicated to the user. – The photographs and maps reproduced on the website/offer are only intended to provide further information to the consumer. In the event of any modification to the establishments, this shall not be considered as misleading advertising by the Organising Agency. – The air, sea and land companies involved in the execution of the trips offered in the programme/offer shall not be held responsible for any acts, omissions or irregularities that may occur to the traveller during the time that he/she remains outside the respective means of transport. The ticket contract shall constitute the only link between the carrier and the consumer or traveller.

17. Persons with reduced mobility

Before proceeding with the booking request, persons with reduced mobility must inform the Retail Agency of this situation to assess the possibility and feasibility of contracting the trip according to its characteristics.

Following the provisions of EC Regulation 1107/2006, a person with reduced mobility is understood to be any person whose mobility to participate in the trip is reduced for reasons of physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or age, and whose situation requires appropriate attention and adaptation to their particular needs of the service made available to the other participants in the trip”. Likewise, the Retail Agency must immediately inform the Wholesale Agency to assess the possibility and feasibility of contracting the requested trip according to its characteristics.

18. Validity of the programme/brochure

The validity of the programme/brochure and the date of issue shall be stated therein.

19. Processing of personal data

By adhering to these general conditions and signing the package travel contract, you consent to the personal data provided being included in an automated personal data file, for the processing of which CREATIVE RURAL, S.L., with registered office in Gironella, Carrer Viladomiu Nou, 36, C.P.: 08680, is responsible.

The purposes of the file above are to properly manage the reservation and the adequate provision of the contracted services, as well as the international transfer of such data to organising companies and providers of the services above, as well as to send you information about products, services, offers and promotions related both to the programme and to actions linked to the activity of Creative Rural in the field of tourism, hotels, catering, e-commerce and travel. Your data will only be transferred, solely and exclusively, to third parties that intervene necessarily in the provision of services related to the object of the contracted trip and with similar purposes to the previous ones, safeguarding the duty of secrecy and applying the security measures required by the regulations in force.

You may send your communications and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to their processing by post to Carrer Viladomiu Nou, 36, Gironella, C.P.: 08680 or by e-mail to Jaume.torres@creativerural.com together with valid legal proof, such as a photocopy of your ID card and indicating “DATA PROTECTION” in the subject line.